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Feasibility Study

A Renovation in Three Stages

9 September - 12 December 2011

1265 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Opening Performance

Friday, September 9th, 2011, 8-11pm
Regular hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11am-6pm

Gendai opens its new workstation at 1265 Bloor Street West!

On September 9, join us for the opening of Gendai's 2011 Fall project Feasibility Study, a deconstruction of space which improvises with materials found during the renovation of the site. This project is an alternative design strategy where the process is slowed down, broken into three stages, and made transparent to the public.

Stage 1: Line Projection - 09.09.11

Lines are drawn at 1:1 to clarify the space, test spatial possibilities, create circulation, and set in motion a performance of construction.

Stage 2: Material Assemblage - 10.10.11

Lines are solidified into an assemblage of found materials.

Stage 3: Architectural Construction - 11.11.11

Each part of the space comes to life through open-ended architectural elements.

Feasibility Study

A Renovation in Three Stages

Project Initiated by: Yan Wu

Performer-Builders for Stage 1: Marcin Kedzior, Chris Lee, Evan Saskin, Haley Uyeda, Jonathan Wong

For more information, call 416.534.1693 or visit www.gendaigallery.org


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